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Letter from Bill Brazier: 2015 Annual Fund Drive



Dear Friends,

Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to our neighbors in need. I’m so grateful that I can count on you!

I wanted to let our our caring supporters and friends know that we’ve just kicked off our 2015 Annual Fund Drive. This is our most important fundraising effort of the year and I hope you can support our good works.

Please, will you open your heart again to the many families, children, seniors,and other neighbors who are in need of help, hope and compassion today?

Our community has so many who are in dire need. With our help – yours and mine – they can make it through a dark time… they can start again and build a more hopeful future.

We’re committed to lifting up the most vulnerable among us, but we cannot do it alone. We’re depending on the renewed support of our most caring friends, good people like you! Please, will you support our 2015 Annual Fund Drive today? 

I hope you know that your compassion is one of our greatest and most powerful blessings.

If you ever wonder – “Is my gift really important?” – please consider just one story of what your kindness makes possible…

Yvette lived with her three children and two grandchildren in a small apartment. They didn’t have much but they were grateful for their blessings. They got by, hand to mouth, with the monthly income bought in by Yvette and her eldest daughter.

But one day, Yvette starting having severe pains in her abdomen. She was reluctant to go to the hospital. She knew that being sick meant unexpected expenses. When she finally went, she was not prepared for what the doctors found…

Yvette’s pancreas had exploded. The doctor told her if she had not come in that day, she would have died. Following the surgery that saved her, Yvette needed at least three months rest to recover, according to her doctors. But her employer was not understanding and she lost her job. Instead of resting as she needed, Yvette worried about how she would pay rent, keep the heat on, buy food for her children and grandchildren, and cover other basics… And just as she had feared, the unpaid bills began to pile up.

One day Yvette came home to the gas and lights turned off. Yvette was desperate, cold, and afraid for the future of her family and herself… she didn’t know what to do.

She reached out to her brother who had little means to help, but the called us at St. Vincent de Paul,explained the situation, and asked for help…

And, thanks to compassionate friends like YOU, we were able to help. For one thing,we were able to pay off the family’s monthly utility bills that had been building up.

Meanwhile, an in-home visit by one of our Vincentian volunteers showed how little the family really had. They didn’t have decent beds, just tattered mattresses on the floor. They had no table where they could gather or even a place to sit together – things you and I and most families take for granted.

So we surprised Yvette and her family with a trip to one of our thrift stores where we picked out furniture, blankets, and other basic items they needed.

With your help, we were able to give this family hope during a difficult and frightening time. This is the power of YOUR generosity at work through St. Vincent de Paul. With your assistance, in fact, we’re lifting up individuals and families like Yvette’s and meeting problems head on, 365 days a year.

So please, will you remember that this effort – our 2015 Annual Fund Drive – is critically important and will help determine how much we can do? Will you remember that our work depends on you… and then, please, will you help? 

Your response today will help determine how many we can help here in Metro Detroit, so I pray you’ll be as generous as possible. Thank you for reaching out in love to our neighbors in need.

With deepest gratitude,

Bill Brazier, Executive Director

Directors Outreach ProgramWilliam Brazier (Executive Director, Society of St. Vincent DePaul )