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2016 Annual Fund Drive


Dear Friends,

As I move into my new role as Executive Director of this life-changing organization, I feel blessed to know you’re with me.

Our work together – yours and mine – is critically important.

Children right here in our community are going to bed hungry. Breadwinners are out of work. Families with small children have no safe place to call home. Seniors on fixed incomes aren’t able to make ends meet…

Despite these steep challenges, I feel a great sense of hope. Our God is an awesome God and when we allow ourselves to be instruments of His grace and mercy, there is no challenge too great.

But, as St. Teresa of Avila said, Christ now has “no hands, no feet on earth, but yours… Yours are the feet with which He walks to do good, Yours are the hands, with which He blesses all the world.”

Will you hear this call to mercy and respond to lift up the most vulnerable in our community? Your prayers and support are powerful and needed…

Your gift to our 2016 Annual Fund Drive will help to provide food, shelter and other urgently needed assistance for our neighbors in need who are turning to us for help. 

This is our most critical fundraising effort of the year!

Your gift today will allow us to help someone like Laurie*...

Laurie is a single mother of three. She works hard as an administrative assistant – a job that doesn’t pay much. She’s lived near the poverty line almost all of her life, but she dreams of something better for her children…

Laurie struggles just to cover the basics for her family. She lives paycheck to paycheck, so any “bump in the road” can set her back tremendously. In fact, Laurie hit one of those bumps last summer when things got slow at work and her hours were cut way back.

At the same time, with school out, she had to worry about extra childcare. And she also couldn’t count on help from the meal program at school that is such a blessing during the year…

In short, Laurie was scrambling with less income, and higher expenses… She fell behind on her rent and, with little warning, her landlord served her with an eviction notice.

Laurie has no family or friends in a position to help her… and she didn’t know where to turn until a  friend told her about St. Vincent de Paul.

We welcomed Laurie and her children with open arms. We helped her to catch up on her rent and avoid eviction. We also provided her with meals and groceries to stock her pantry shelves. We even had her pick up needed school supplies for the kids at one of our thrift stores.

Laurie was deeply moved by the help she received. She actually shed tears of relief and gratitude when she realized we could help…

This is YOUR gift at work, what your generosity makes possible. No Act of mercy, in fact, would be possible by St. Vincent de Paul if not for the kindness of friends like YOU.

But as I write you today, I’m concerned about keeping up with growing needs. I think of the Gospel of Matthew, 25:35, “I was hungry and you gave me food, thirsty and you gave me drink, homeless and you gave me shelter…” and I wonder, how will we serve Christ in the poor?

Your response to this request is a big part of the answer… Please, will you help? 

Your gift to the 2016 ANNUAL FUND DRIVE today will help determine how many vulnerable individuals and families we can reach in the coming months.

Please remember that in helping meet material needs, you’re also providing the precious gift of hope to people in desperate need, and that is truly a miracle.

May God bless you for reliving the suffering of our neighbors who need you.

With deepest gratitude,

Deacon Chris Stark

Executive Director


P.S. Will you join me in thanking my predecessor, Bill Brazier, who has retired after twelve fruitful years of faithfully leading St. Vincent de Paul? Bill gave so generously of his energy, time and talent to lift up the least of our sisters and brothers in Southeast Michigan. I ask you to keep this good and faithful servant of God in your prayers as I know you’ll remain in his.