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2016 Thanksgiving Fund Drive


Thanksgiving is almost here and I am blessed to have you as a friend. But as the leaves are turning and the preparations of the holidays are on the near horizon, I can’t help but think of the many in Southeast Michigan who are not as blessed as you or I.

Sharon, David and their three children are just one family that were recently in despair and had nowhere to go after they lost EVERYTHING in a fire. The family was already struggling as Sharon had gotten laid off. But the fire is what destroyed them financially, emotionally, spiritually…

But thanks to the compassion and action of friends like you, St. Vincent de Paul was able to step in and help get this family back on their feet. We helped them find a new apartment and helped with clothes and furniture through our thrift stores. We even helped Sharon find a new job.

Please know that we couldn’t do this work without friends like you. This is what your compassion and action through St. Vincent de Paul makes possible. So, when people like David and Sharon express their gratitude, I say, “There are angels watching over our community.” I’m talking about compassionate friends like you.

Will you help the many others in our community who are going through difficult times this Thanksgiving? Your support to our 2016 Thanksgiving Fund Drive will be a great blessing to so many.

God bless you for your generous heart and Happy Thanksgiving!