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2016 Year End Campaign


Dear Friend,

With the Christmas season almost here and 2016 quickly coming to a close, I want you to know what a tremendous difference you’ve made this year. I couldn’t be more grateful for your compassion and help.

Through St. Vincent de Paul, you’re transforming lives. Among other good works, you’ve fed the hungry, sheltered the homeless, comforted the abandoned, and lifted up many who had lost hope.

However, many of our neighbors still need our help. Many are still hurting and praying for help. In fact, needs at this time of the year are extraordinarily high. Will you help the children, the families, and all who have no one else to care for them here in Metro Detroit?  

As you consider a gift to help, I want to remind you that many are still going to bed hungry and wondering where they’ll lay their head next. You help ease the worries and lighten the burdens of our neediest neighbors.

Consider just a few you’ve comforted through St. Vincent de Paul this year:

YOU helped Laurie,* a single mother of three. Laurie was living pay check to pay check, until her work hours got cut for summer. The family had no way to keep up with all their bills and eventually received an eviction notice. Laurie was desperate, worried about how she would feed her children and keep a roof over their heads. But, with your assistance, St. Vincent de Paul saved the family from eviction and helped them through a terrible time.

YOU also helped Chris and Jennifer* and their two children. Both parents worked at a local hotel, but when it closed down, the family had hardly any savings. Before long they lost their home and were living at a motel when they found help through St. Vincent de Paul.

But thanks to you, we were there to lift up the family and help them secure new jobs. We also found a safe home for them and provided them with furniture to begin again.

And YOU helped Sharon and David and their three young children*. Thankfully no one was home the day their house was destroyed in a terrible.  But the fire destroyed everything they possessed in the world.  They lost furniture, toys, family photos… everything. The family was left with nothing but the clothes on their back. They were in shock, no insurance, no one to help. But thanks to you, we were there for them. We helped them move in to a new apartment, paid their first month and security deposit. We also provided them with clothes and furniture from a St. Vincent de Paul family thrift store.

Because of “Good Samaritans” like YOU, we were able to say to these good people and other families in need: “Don’t lose hope – we can help you.”

I’m extremely grateful for all you’re doing to lift up our poorest and most vulnerable neighbors. But there is still much to do… many among us are still in dire need.

So, please, will you help us one last time this year? A year-end gift from you today will be a great blessing. Your gift will enable us to provide help where it is so urgently needed…

Your response today will help determine our ability to assist our most vulnerable neighbors in the winter months ahead when needs are especially high.

God bless you for your compassionate heart and for your willingness to take action.

All best wishes for 2017,

Christopher Stark

Executive Director






P.S.  Your gift is an answer to the prayers of a hurting family in dire need.

            *names changed to protect privacy