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2017 Christmas Hope Appeal

As the holiday season approaches, we think of the many here in the Southeast Michigan community are hungry and homeless.

If you’ve ever wondered what your gift means to a neighbor in need, let me tell you about Theo and Roselynn,* a retired couple on a fixed-income

They’ve been struggling to make ends meet. Roselynn has been ill for years and the medical bills have been bombarding them non-stop. But things just got even tougher: Harry has been diagnosed with leukemia, and the couple are in distress… they’re frightened and don’t know what to do.

Theo and Roselynn shared their story when they came to St. Vincent de Paul seeking help. Their cupboards at home were nearly empty. Very simply, their Social Security checks had run out and they didn’t know where or how to get help…

It’s truly tragic when you realize that this devoted couple is being forced to make a decision no one should have to make: Do we get critically-needed medicine or do we eat?

Your kindness will help people like Theo and Roselynn who are in terrible straits through no fault of their own… 

When you bless us with your generosity, you allow us to say “YES! We can help you!” when good people like Theo and Roselynn come to us worried and wondering how they’ll get by.

So, please will you send a gift today to help support our 2017 Christmas Hope Appeal?

Because of YOU, we can change the lives of so many this Christmas season.

Thank you for caring and taking action!