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St. Vincent de Paul’s main office is located at:

3000 Gratiot Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48207
Phone: 313-393-2930
Toll free: 1-877-ST VINCE (1-877-788-4623)
Fax: 313.393.3015

Christopher Stark Executive Director 313-393-2925
Christina Ramsey Executive Administrative Assistant 313-393-2926
Debbie Jackson Director of Conference Support & Development 313-393-3014
Shelly Robertson Director of Development 313-393-2909
Beth Rauchman Development Database Administrator 313-393-2695
Nancy Harmon, RDH Dental Director 313-393-3009
Cajie D’Cunha Program Director 313-393-3007
Rosemarie Paczkowski Chief Financial Officer & Director of Administration 313-393-2943
Suzanne Suciu Director of Retail Stores & Processing Operations 313-393-2936
Patrick Adamcik Facility Administrator 313-393-2931
Caroline Krucker Director of Camp Operations, Camp Ozanam & Camp Stapleton 810-622-8744
Deacon Mike Lyman Mideast Regional Spiritual Advisor *** ***
Brenda Wordlaw St. Vincent de Paul Receptionist 313-393-2930