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2014 Easter Fund Drive Letter from Bill


Dear Caring Supporters,


"Help on another. That is what Jesus teaches us. This is what I do. And I do it with my heart."


That's simple, but potentially life-altering, advice for YOU from Pope Francis.


In fact, loving one another - especially the least of our sisters and brothers - is exactly what God calls us to do. When you answer that call, it's remarkable what a spiritual lift you get... You get a deep feeling of satisfaction that stays with you and changes your outlook on everything. (That's what St. Francis of Assisi meant when he said, "it's in giving that we receive.")

We are very blessed at St. Vincent de Paul to have friends like you who understand the power of giving - for both the person who gives and the one who receives.


In preparation for Easter, will you make a Lenten gift to help the poorest and most vulnerable individuals and families in our community? You gift today will help a family like Victoria's...

Victoria, a single mother of a young daughter, Emma,* was barely making ends meet...


Her administrative office job enabled her to cover the essentials, but not much more. Still, she was grateful, and counted her blessings. But in living paycheck to paycheck, Victoria worried about anything out of the ordinary happening, about anything going wrong.. And this past winter it did.

Emma became very ill and had to be hospitalized. Victoria didn't have the resources to pay for Emma's medical expenses and when they returned home, her financial situation was so bad that she didn't have the means to provide her daughter with a warm, safe, and healthy environment.

In short, Victoria couldn't afford to keep the heat on most nights. She had fallen behind on her utility bill. Money had become so tight, in fact, that they weren't able to eat properly. They even skipped some meals.


Victoria was desperate. She felt as if she was failing as a mother.


Her only daughter was sick and in trouble. Victoria, in fact, was on the brink of despair when an acquaintance suggested, "perhaps, St. Vincent de Paul can help."

And, through the support of generous friends like YOU, we were able to...


We welcomed Victoria and Emma, and immediately took action. We helped with some of their medical expenses and with other urgent assistance to get them caught up on their utilities. We also provided the family with many warm nutritious meals.


In addition to food, shelter, medical aid, and other material support, your gift brings HOPE when someone like Victoria is in trouble. That is a great, great blessing, because every person, rich, poor, or somewhere in between needs a feeling of hope. We all do.

And renewing hope begins, not by accident, but with your concrete action - a gift from your heart...


As Pope Francis reminds us, "To love God and your neighbor is not something abstract, but profoundly concrete: it means seeing in every person the face of the Lord to be served, to serve him concretely."


And when you act concretely, you'll change a life! Your most generous donation will make an incredible difference to someone like Victoria and her little Emma.

And remember, your gift today will also change your experience of Easter. You'll wake up on Easter Sunday,knowing you've lifted up someone in dire need. That reality will open your heart and you'll know the hope and joy of Easter in a profound way that no words adequately explain.


Thank you, and may all the hope and joy of Easter be yours!


With deep gratitude,

William D. Brazier

Executive Director

St. Vincent de Paul Detroit




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