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Help us Bless Our Neighbors in Need this Thanksgiving



Dear Caring Friends,

To a mother or father struggling to provide essentials – food, clothes, a safe roof overhead – for their family, YOUR generosity is a wonderful godsend.

But don’t take my word for it…

Let me share a note we received from Angela, a mother in Dearborn Heights. William, Angela’s husband, had just lost his job. Angela is disabled and William* is the breadwinner in the family.

“We were referred to a wonderful agency, St. Vincent de Paul, through St. Sabina Church,” Angela explained. “And everyone we came in contact with at St. Vincent de Paul was wonderful. We were always greeted with smiles…

 A smile is HUGE when you fear eviction and losing your lights and you have two special needs kids and are disabled yourself.

The good people at St. Vincent de Paul were helpful, kind, non-judgmental and very loving. I feel like we have gained family through this tough time. The staff worked long and hard to get our family the help we needed. We received food baskets and other household goods. We were given a gas card and a meal at Thanksgiving. We were also helped with the application for the THAW program and our entire DTE bill of $615.04 was paid in full. You can’t believe the weight that has been taken off – we thank you from the very bottom of our hearts! “

This is the power of your compassion through St. Vincent de Paul. What you may think of as a small act of kindness answers the desperate prayer of a mother like Angela.

Will you help us reach out to others in need in Metro Detroit with a Thanksgiving gift of $10, $25, $50 or the most generous gift you can send today? When you reach out to others in dire need, you will be blessed for your goodness and kindness.

Please help today. In the busyness of the season, I know it’s easy to get distracted. But I pray you’ll think for a moment of from the many who are suffering so close by to us.

Some don’t have a safe place to sleep at night… no real hope of sharing a warm Thanksgiving meal surrounded by loved ones. Some are on the edge of despair… deciding between paying rent or for much needed prescription medications…

Some don’t know how they’ll pay their utilities bill. Some don’t know where they’ll sleep tonight. Some don’t know even where they might eat their next warm meal…

But the amazing thing is, IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY.

If only you’ll act with your heart and carry out a simple act of help for a family like Angela’s. Your small act of kindness will bring relief and hope to a local family in real need. It will mean a happy Thanksgiving for them and a more hopeful future.

So will you think for a moment of your blessings large and small and then make a special Thanksgiving gift to lift up and bless others in need?

Your gift will allow us to bless many with the gift of a warm, festive meal at Thanksgiving so that ALL in our community might share in a celebration of new hope – and no one feels left out or alone… This Thanksgiving, in fact, we’ll be providing turkeys and all the fixings to those who would otherwise go without. Your generosity will ensure a bountiful Thanksgiving for everyone – especially those in dire need!

So, please will you help us this Thanksgiving?

I believe that helping a family like Angela and William’s with a Thanksgiving gift will make your own holiday that much better. When you gather with family or friends for a special meal, you’ll know in your heart that someone else in our community is provided for and hopeful for their future because of YOU.

God bless you for your generous heart and Happy Thanksgiving!

Roger Playwin
Executive Director
Society of St. Vincent de Paul