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Help us this winter!

Dear Friends,

Thank you… thank you for being such a generous supporter of St. Vincent de Paul in 2015. Your kindness has allowed us to help so many right here in Metro Detroit.

Will you help us this winter?

I wouldn’t ask if all was well, but in the extreme cold of our winter months, the needs of the most vulnerable members of our community are extremely high.

Every day, more people are turning to us in need of help: they are breadwinners who have lost jobs and can’t feed their families, destitute seniors, children with so little (sometimes not even a winter coat), the disabled, and others in dire need.

Please will you make a gift today? Your support will help local families make it through the winter.

The suffering happening all around us isn’t always visible. Some of our neighbors in need have a roof overhead, but they cannot afford to turn on the heat. Some are skipping meals or are not taking needed medicines as they strive to live on a fixed budget that just isn’t enough to cover even the very basics…

That’s why your help is needed now, more than ever – It will be a great blessing to a family like the Hawkins*…

John and Jennifer Hawkins, married for ten years, were the proud parents of four young, energetic children. Despite the difficulties of caring for their two autistic daughters, this family of six was happy and healthy.

Then, in the spring of 2013, Jennifer was in a terrible accident that left her disabled and permanently confined to a wheelchair. She had to have server back surgeries and spent a lot of time in and out of hospitals. The family was suffering, emotionally and physically.

In her condition, not only did Jennifer need a great deal of medical care, she also wasn’t able to look after the children without help. So John cut back his hours to part time at the large home improvement store where he worked. He knew he needed to spend more time at home caring for Jennifer and the children.

As a result, the family’s financial situation became ever tighter and soon they were barely keeping afloat. They were badly behind on their rent and feared they would be evicted…

John and Jennifer knew they couldn’t go on without help. They came to St. Vincent de Paul just before Christmas on the recommendation of leaders at their local parish.

We welcomed this family with open arms. We were able to help them pay their back rent and move to a good, but more affordable, place to ease their financial burdens. We were also able to make sure the kids enjoyed a special Christmas – that they were able to know the hope and joy of the Season!

Please know that acts of mercy like this are possible ONLY because of the caring supporters like YOU.

This ministry wouldn’t be possible without you. You allow St. Vincent de Paul to meet immediate material needs including providing emergency assistance, food and shelter – and to help solve longer term problems to lift families out of poverty.

But as I write today, others like the Hawkins are in serious need and I’m extremely concerned about keeping up with requests for help in early 2016. So please will you be as generous as possible in responding today?

With the cold of winter upon us, needs are especially high for struggling families like the Hawkins. And, for many, this winter will be one of the most difficult ever. Your answer toady will determine how much we can help through the winter and into the Spring. Than you in advance for your prayers and your generosity.

God bless you for caring – and for acting – today.

With deep gratitude,

Bill Brazier

Executive Director

Bill Brazier