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Join me in welcoming Shelly Robertson, our new Director of Development. Please read her message below…


Dear Friends,

I can’t tell you how happy and honored I am to join our Executive Director, Deacon Chris Stark, and the rest of the St. Vincent de Paul staff and volunteers to serve the poorest and most vulnerable of our community.

And though I know it won’t be easy keeping up with the needs of struggling individuals and families who are counting on us, I begin this important work filled with great hope…


Because I know we have an incredible, unfailing resource behind us… YOU.

I know how kind you’ve been in lifting up our neighbors.
And now, in the dead of winter when needs are extra high, I’m asking …

Please, will you make a gift so we can care for all in need of our help this winter?

Your compassion is making a real difference…

Thanks to you, our very important mission is being carried out through a variety of programs and services. All told last year, we helped more than 300,000 of our neighbors in need.

Without friends like you, that level of outreach simply wouldn’t be possible!

Whether providing the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter… or emergency financial assistance, energy assistance, educational programs, disaster relief… or helping someone regain their smile at our dental clinic, YOU stand with us in changing lives.

And when our tireless Vincentian volunteers carry out home visits to assess the needs of the poor and vulnerable, YOU, in a very real way, stand beside them. Without your prayers and support, you see, the needs they identify simply couldn’t be addressed.

But as grateful as I am for all the good you make possible, there still is much to do, many still in need, and we cannot rest on our laurels…

Some turning to us this winter are suffering without a decent coat.

Some don’t have enough to eat.

Some worry if their utilities will be shut off.

Some don’t even have a roof overhead…

They are in tremendous need, and I don’t want to fail them.

And with your help today, we won’t.

Every gift – large or small – makes a difference and will be rushed into action right here in our community. Please, will you make the most generous gift you can to share help and hope this winter through St. Vincent de Paul?


Shelly Robertson, Director of Development





P.S. Many of our neighbors find themselves suffering without the basic necessities of food, clothing or shelter. But your prayers, gifts and support make St. Vincent de Paul’s good work to help them possible. I’m so glad to be working with you on this most important mission of mercy and hope!