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May all the hope, joy and love of Easter be yours!

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Dear Caring Friends of St. Vincent de Paul,

“Like the Good Samaritan, may we not be ashamed of touching the wounds of those who suffer. But try to heal them with concrete acts of love.”

The unconditional love for your neighbor of which Pope Francis speaks is the driving force behind our mission here at St. Vincent de Paul. And only because of modern day Good Samaritan’s like YOU is our work possible.

Because of you we’re able to help the hurting, the hungry, the disabled, the vulnerable and the forgotten with love and kindness and give them hope for a better future. In fact, loving one another – especially the least of our sisters and brothers – is exactly what God calls us to do.

In preparation for Easter, will you make a Lenten gift today to help the most vulnerable in our community? Your sacrificial gift will help our most vulnerable neighbors in Metro Detroit – and it will prepare your heart and soul to experience the hope of the resurrection in the most powerful way. 

But, rather than me telling you what a difference you make through St. Vincent de Paul, I wanted to share a letter i just received…. 

The letter came from Kelly*, an elderly woman. She’s a retired, lifetime resident of Detroit in her sixties living on a fixed-income. When Kelly needed to have her left hip replaced, she was worried about making ends meet. She was already behind on her DTE bill and with the cost of medication and medical expenses, she didn’t know if she could manage.

When she returned home after her hospital stay, her nightmare came true: “When I returned home,” she wrote, “everything went out, lights… gas, everything.”

Kelly was in a panic and didn’t know where to turn. By God’s grace she found St. Vincent de Paul. With funds provided by caring friends like YOU, we quickly paid her bill and restored service so that she could rest and begin her recovery with the simple gifts of heat and electricity.

“I am crying as I write this letter because if it was not for St. Vincent de Paul. I would be sick, cold, and in the dark,” Kelly wrote. “I am so thankful and grateful to St. Vincent de Paul. They really help people like me when we don’t know what to do… I want to thank God for St. Vincent de Paul for helping me when I couldn’t help myself.”

This is what your support allows us to do. We could be there for Kelly in her desperate time of need. Because of YOU, we were able to lighten her burdens and help to care for her when she needed someone the most.

In addition to emergency assistance, we help provide food, shelter, medical aid, and other support to those right here in our community. YOU allow us to bring HOPE when someone like Kelly is in trouble. That is a great, great blessing, because every person, rich, poor, or somewhere in between needs a feeling of hope. We all do.

And renewing hope begins not by accident, but with your concrete action – a gift from  your heart. And when you do, you will help change a life!

Will you make a special Lenten gift to our Easter Fund Drive?

Please know that your gift today will also change your experience of Easter. You will awake on Easter morning with a lightness and hope in your heart. You’ll know that you’ve lifted up someone like Kelly, that you were a modern day Good Samaritan who saw a need and refused, as do many, to walk quickly by or turn away from the clear need.

Thank you, and because of your kindness to the very least of our sisters and brothers, may all the hope, joy and love of Easter be yours!


With deep gratitude,

William D.  Brazier

Executive Director

Directors Outreach ProgramWilliam Brazier (Executive Director, Society of St. Vincent DePaul )





*name changed to protect privacy