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Our 2016 Thanksgiving Fund Drive is underway…


“To change the world we must be good to those who cannot repay us.” – Pope Francis

Dear Caring Friends,

With the leaves turning red and gold and Thanksgiving on the near horizon, I find myself reflecting on the many blessings in my life.

As a caring friend of St. Vincent de Paul, you are among the greatest of these. I am grateful beyond words for your friendship and compassionate heart.

But my thoughts today are also with those here in Southeast Michigan who are not so blessed. Those who are suffering and in need. Those facing great uncertainty. Those praying for someone to see their need and respond with compassion.

Will it be you?

As Thanksgiving approaches, some don’t have a safe place to sleep at night… no real hope of sharing a warm Thanksgiving meal surrounded by loved ones. Some are on the edge of despair… deciding between paying rent or for much needed prescription medications…

Some don’t know how they’ll pay their utilities bill. Some don’t know where they’ll sleep tonight. Some don’t know even where they  might eat their next warm meal…

This is the present reality of too many families and individuals in our midst. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If only enough caring people  like you will take action. Together, WE can bring help and hope this Thanksgiving…

Will you make a Thanksgiving gift to ensure that we can change lives this Thanksgiving? 

Your compassion allows us to help families like Sharon and David’s.*

Sharon and David were living a simple life with their three young children in a small apartment. They had jobs and their kids were healthy. Things were pretty tight since Sharon had been laid off, but the family was managing to get by on David’s modest salary.

That is, until the fire…

During the middle of the day, the apartment building where the family lived caught fire. Thankfully, no one was home that day. But the fire destroyed everything they possessed in the world. Food, clothes, furniture, toys, family photos… Everything. 

Sharon and David and their three children were left with nothing but the very clothes they had on their backs.

They were in shock. they had nowhere to go. No insurance. No family or friends that could help them. That’s when – thanks to friends like YOU – St. Vincent de Paul was able to come to the rescue of this distraught family. 

We welcomed Sharon, David and their three children with open arms. We were able to find them a new apartment and assisted in their first month’s rent and security deposit. We also took them to one of our local thrift stores and provided them with clothes and furniture. We were even able to help Sharon secure a new job at a veterans’ association.

Please know that we couldn’t do this work without friends like you. This is what YOUR compassion and action through St. Vincent de Paul makes possible. So when people like David and Sharon express their gratitude, I Say, “There are angels watching over our community.” I’m talking about compassionate friends like you. 

But while I hope you’ll take joy in what we were able to do together for Sharon and David, I also hope you’ll realize that many other neighbors are in need of our caring and help.

So as you think about the blessings in your life, will you make a special Thanksgiving gift to lift up and bless others in need?

Your gift will also allow us to bless many with the gift of a warm, festive meal at Thanksgiving so that ALL in our community might share in a celebration of new hope – and no one feels left out or alone… This Thanksgiving, in fact, we’ll be providing turkeys and ll the fixing to those who would otherwise go without. Your generosity will ensure a bountiful Thanksgiving for everyone – especially those in dire need!

So please will you make a Thanksgiving gift today?

I believe that helping a family like Sharon and David’s with a special Thanksgiving gift will make your own holiday that much better. When you gather with family or friends for a special meal, you’ll know that someone else in our community is provided for and hopeful for their future because of YOU.

God bless you for your generous heart and Happy Thanksgiving!

With gratitude for your compassionate heart,

Deacon Chris Stark