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See just how much your support did in 2015…

SVDP 2016 Annual Report - page one

Dear Caring Friends,

It begins with love and compassion. With eyes capable of seeing the suffering of another – and a stirring in the heart that, quite literally, compels you to action.

The Good Samaritan had these things… and so do you.

You and I may not have yet developed the Good Samaritan’s extraordinary degree of compassion, but we look to that example and I know for a fact that you appreciate the grace that comes from serving the very least of our sisters and brothers.

Working together, we accomplished some amazing things in 2015. We changes so many lives here in Metro Detroit. And none of this could have happened without the support of our faithful and compassionate friends like YOU. You have allowed us to carry out countless works of mercy to lift up many who were hurting this past year. Thank you!

Check out the 2015 Annual Report… it will give you a sense of what we’ve accomplished together lately…

Your support has allowed us to help struggling mothers and fathers feed their children, improve their lives and become self-sufficient. You’ve enabled us to be there for families during emergencies, to be a safety net when someone has lost all hope, to offer protection when someone was alone and afraid.

A gift today will allow us to continue our important work in the weeks and months ahead! I know your heart is with our community’s poorest and most vulnerable.

With your support, we have provided warm meals, safe shelter, and clean beds for people seeking help in our community. Your kindness allows us to treat every individual with dignity.

I hope the Annual Report helps you to see all the good you’ve made possible. With confidence in what we’ve done together in the past, I urge you to consider renewing your support today. While we’ve done good things in Christ’s name in recent months, the needs continue. In both a symbolic – and sometimes even physical way – our neighbors are lying in the road, desperate for our compassion and help.

Will we stop and minister to their needs like Good Samaritans or will we walk on with hardened hearts saying, “I’ve done enough. Let someone else care.”?

Please, will you help today?

Please know that your support is never taken for granted. We – I, our staff and volunteers, and the many we’re serving – are so thankful for friends like you. God bless you for caring and for acting today.

With deepest gratitude,

Bill Brazier

Executive Director

Bill Brazier






P.S. Will you remember us in your prayers? They are a great blessing to our work! Please remember that many in our community have no way to get help. They are suffering and I must be their voice. I’m grateful that you are there to hear – and to answer – with compassion.