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Share the gift of hope this Easter…

Dear Friends,

You are close in our work and in my prayers this Lent, as we begin to prepare for Easter.

Every day, in fact, I’m reminded of the blessing and grace of having friends like you supporting our work… compassionate, caring people who know that families and individuals in our community are hurting and in dire need of help.

Unlike many others, you refuse to close your eyes to their pain. You see the need, you know you have the power to help and you DO help. How blessed I am for that!

With your support, we’re feeding our neighbors in need. Providing them with emergency assistance. Giving them a safe and comfortable place to live and rebuild their lives.

And beyond the material aid that you make possible, you’re sharing something equally powerful: hope. While food, shelter, warm clothing, furniture and other material support are essential, they aren’t enough. Every one of us also needs hope to live.

These thoughts are on my mind as we prepare for Easter. We will celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection and victory over death. And, if our hearts are open, we’ll experience a profound and beautiful feeling of hope and joy at Easter…

But that feeling doesn’t just happen automatically – you have to prepare! How? One of the easiest and most effective ways is to extend yourself to another in need.

Will you prepare your heart for Easter by blessing a local person or family in desperate need… a couple like Chris and Jennifer? Your gift will change lives and it will open your heart to experience all the hope and joy of Jesus’ Resurrection.

Please understand, without your help through St. Vincent de Paul, people like Chris and Jennifer* would be in serious trouble…

The struggling couple have an eight-year-old son, Ethan, and a three-month-old baby girl, Sophia. Chris and Jennifer both worked at a local hotel. He was in charge of maintenance. She oversaw the housekeeping department.

The hotel had stayed afloat through some of Detroit’s toughest economic times, but after years of trying wasn’t able to stay in business. Suddenly, Chris and Jennifer found themselves without jobs.

Chris and Jennifer looked hard for new work and prayed. But weeks turned into months and their small savings quickly evaporated. They fell behind on rent and eventually were evicted from their apartment.

From there, the family moved into an inexpensive motel and relied on small jobs around town to pay the daily motel rate. But there was no stability and Chris and Jennifer were deeply worried about the future. They didn’t have family or friends in a position to help them in their difficult time.

That’s when they found out about St. Vincent de Paul and our Journey to Housing program. We welcomed this young family with open arms. We knew they just needed a bit of help to get them through a hard time.

Thanks to YOUR support we were able to be there for this struggling young family. 

We found a three-bedroom mobile home that was more affordable. We provided them with furniture to turn their new house into a home. St. Vincent de Paul also helped to cover the family’s move-in costs and aided them with their rent for the first six months. We wanted them to get back on their feet and be able to manage their finances.

Both Chris and Jennifer secured new jobs. Chris now works as a cook at an assisted-living facility and Jennifer is a housekeeper at a motel. They are so grateful to be back on track and raising their children Ethan and baby Sophia. I wish you could meet them and see the relief and gratitude they feel.

This is the fruit and blessing of YOUR support…

And while I’m thankful for stories of hope like Chris and Jennifer’s, I’m concerned that we’re short of resources to help others in need. I’m praying for your assistance…

Please, will you send an Easter gift today to help more families like Chris and Jennifer’s?

Your gift will spread the powerful gift of HOPE this Easter season. Together, we can help local people and families who need it most.

And I believe the blessing you share will be returned to you on Easter morning! You’ll be filled with peace knowing you’ve helped someone in dire need find new hope.

God bless you and may all the hope and joy of Easter be yours!

With deep gratitude,

Bill D. Brazier

Executive Director

Bill Brazier






*names have been changed to protect family’s privacy