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Together, we can bless our neighbors in need this Thanksgiving!

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Dear Caring Friends,

Thanksgiving is coming soon. It’s the perfect time to reflect on all the blessings in our lives. For one, I’m thankful beyond words for your friendship. For your willingness to put others before you. For your generous support of our good works. Thank you!

But as we begin thinking about this time of thanksgiving, I can’t help but think of others in our community who don’t feel as blessed as you and I do. Some are going through terrible times. They simply cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. They feel no hope…

But together, you and all of us here at St. Vincent de Paul, can bring them help and hope this Thanksgiving holiday.

Will you make a Thanksgiving Gift today to ensure that we change lives this Thanksgiving?

It will be a great blessing for a family like Michael and Claudia’s*.

What happened to Michael and Claudia and their four small children could happen to anyone…

The family had left Michigan to pursue the “American dream” in Kentucky. They had opened a karate school and all was going fine. Nice house, food on the table, kids all healthy. But things weren’t perfect: Michael had Cerebral Palsy and it was getting worse. Over time, teaching karate had gotten more difficult. He found work at Best Buy, but his condition was getting worse and he could only work part-time.

After going through their savings, Michael and Claudia began to fall behind on bills. But the reality of their situation didn’t really hit home until they received an EVICTION NOTICE…

They didn’t know what to do. They found refuge at shelters for about two months and endured many sleepless nights. Michael and Claudia skipped meals to make sure their kids had enough to eat.

Eventually, the struggling family was able to get into low-income housing. But right before Christmas, burglars broke in when they were out and stole everything – even the Christmas gifts the family had for one another!

With little more than the clothes are their backs, Michael, Claudia and their four children made it back to Michigan in their old minivan.

Michael’s mother, a senior on a limited fixed income, opened up her small three-bedroom house to the family.

That’s when the family, in dire need of help to get back on their feet, found St. Vincent de Paul. We helped them with furniture for Michael’s mother’s house. We also provided them with food and clothing from a St. Vincent de Paul thrift store, and other support and assistance.

Not least, we provided the family with new hope for the future. Before long, Claudia was able to start working as a home health aide, the children were making friends at school and the family was beginning a new journey to a more promising future.

“Reaching out for help for the first time was very hard…” Claudia explains through tears. “But I don’t know where we would be without St. Vincent de Paul.”

This is what YOUR compassion and action makes possible.

Will you help us to lift up more families in their time of need this Thanksgiving? With your gift today, we’ll be able to help many more who are suffering through a difficult time. We’ll let them know that someone cares. 

This Thanksgiving, we’ll also be providing turkeys and all the fixings to those who would otherwise go without. Your generosity will ensure that this is a bountiful Thanksgiving for everyone – especially those in dire need.

I believe that helping a family like Michael and Claudia’s at Thanksgiving will make your own holiday that much better. When you gather with family or friends for a special meal, you’ll know that someone else in our community is provided for and hopeful for their future because of you!

God bless you for your generous heart and Happy Thanksgiving!

With may blessings to you and yours,

Bill Brazier

Executive Director

Directors Outreach ProgramWilliam Brazier (Executive Director, Society of St. Vincent DePaul )