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Urgent Message


Dear Friends,

In times of real need, you’ve been one of our most loyal and generous supporters. You’ve been a true friend to the poorest and most vulnerable in our community…

Today, I’m turning to you with confidence, hopeful that you’ll help us through a difficult moment. Please, will you?

We are experiencing a serious shortfall of supplies at food pantries where we help. We’ve been assisting more people than ever with hot meals and food to take home, but in the middle of summer, needs grow and our resources get depleted.

Keeping up this summer has been a difficult challenge and we must restock our shelves.  Some of the families turning to us really don’t know where their next meal is coming from. If their utilities will be shut off. If they’ll have a roof overhead…

We all have worries, I know, but these families are literally on the edge. I wish you could meet just one. I know your heart would be moved and you’d take immediate action if you met someone like Dan*…

Dan, a veteran who bravely served our country, was struggling to provide his family with the basics since he’d been laid off.

He explained that the family’s gas and lights had been turned off because they couldn’t afford to pay the bills.

Dan did odd jobs to help make ends meet, but times had gotten even tougher since his wife, Sharla, had caught pneumonia and been hospitalized. More medical bills were the last thing they needed…

Things got so tight that they feared losing their small house.

When Dan came to St. Vincent de Paul for help, he seemed weak and was obviously in distress. We learned that in a desperate effort to make their house payment, he had not been eating enough… he’d been skipping meals.

Dan was so, so relieved to find out that we could help. By providing Dan and his family not only with food but with understanding and genuine concern in a dark moment, we were able to share hope.

All this is YOUR compassion at work.

But, as I mentioned above, this has been a particularly difficult summer. Our resources have been stretched to the limit and beyond.

Will you think of families in our community who are coming to us on the verge of despair? Will you help us to help them so they don’t have to skip meals or take other desperate measures to make it through?

My greatest concern now is keeping up with requests for help. God bless you for caring – and for acting – today.


Therese Frye
Archdiocesan Council Board of Trustees