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Friends of St. Vincent de Paul,

I am in dire need of your help. There are so many local families that need our help – yours and ours here at St. Vincent de Paul. Together, we can get these families through the winter. Even just a little assistance from you will be a tremendous blessing.

Will you please make a gift today to help us as needs escalate this winter? Your support is urgently needed..

Today, vulnerable  families in our community are falling short in their attempts to keep up with paying utilities and rent. St. Vincent de Paul is working to make sure the stay safe and warm. But we can’t do it alone – we need your help!

Some are actually skipping meals just to be able to pay for heat this winter. Seniors on low fixed incomes are not taking their medicines as they struggle to make ends meet. Even so, many are falling short. Without a helping hand, they simply cannot make it.

Your compassionate support today will allow us to spare our neighbors in need from unnecessary suffering. It will keep families from making terrible choices that no one should have to make, choosing between eating and paying rent, for example.

Let me share just one story to give you a sense of the need and the power of your compassion…

Julie is a single mother of nine-year-old Melanie and seven-year-old Bradley*. After twenty years of marriage, Julie’s husband abandoned his family. With hardly any warning, Julie found herself the sole provider for the family. Just weeks later, her hospital made unexpected cuts and she lost her job as a nurse.

Julie thought that she could get through this trying time, but after a few months her savings were spent and she fell two months behind on rent and was unable to completely pay her recent  heating bill.

That’s when we became aware of Julie’s situation and two of our St. Vincent de Paul volunteers visited with her.

They calmed and comforted Julie who was extremely stressed and on the verge of despair…

And because of the support of generous supporters like YOU, we were able to help Julie, Melanie, and Bradley with emergency assistance and counseling. We were able to help the family save their home and get them through a terrible time of uncertainty until Julie was able to find a new job.

This kind of struggle is happening all around us. Julie could have been a co-worker, a family friend, a relative…

Julie had no idea of the challenges she would have to face. She didn’t have a plan and she didn’t have people to help her. That was before St. Vincent de Paul – thanks to caring friends like YOU – was able to make a difference.

So will you think of families like Julie’s and the please make a gift today to help us meet the pressing needs of Metro Detroit’s most vulnerable? Please…

My greatest concern now is keeping up with requests for help this winter. So please be as generous as possible today…

You will help determine how much we can help.

God bless you for caring – and for acting – today!

With deep gratitude,

William D. Brazier

Executive Director

Directors Outreach ProgramWilliam Brazier (Executive Director, Society of St. Vincent DePaul )






*names changed to protect family privacy