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Will you help us make it through the summer?


Dear Compassionate Friends,

I need you, as one of St. Vincent de Paul’s most caring donors, to be aware of a serious situation. As summer approaches, support for our good works of mercy drop as people take a break from their normal giving routines or leave for vacation.

Unfortunately, this is exactly when we need an extra dose of help! The demand for our services is extremely high right now…

There are so many in our area that need our help. The distressing truth is that recent reports note that 67 percent of Detroit families are either under the poverty line or “ALICE” – asset-limited, income-constrained, employed. We must do all we can to help our neighbors in need!

Please will you give a gift to help children, families, seniors and others right here in Metro Detroit get back on their feet? Together, we can make a real difference. 

With YOUR support, we can help those in need become self-sufficient by providing them emotional and financial support, shelter, clothing, furniture, appliances, and permanent housing, just to name a few. We can connect our disadvantaged neighbors to invaluable resources – but we need you!

The quickest and most efficient way to address this is to reach out to our best and most loyal friends – compassionate people like you who understand and are extremely generous about meeting needs.

So I’m asking for your immediate assistance to hep us get ready for the summer. Will you make a gift today? 

Your generosity changes real lives. Here’s just one example: Mary and Todd* are proud parents of two beautiful children with special needs. For many years, Todd worked locally as a teacher. Mary, who is disabled, isn’t able to work.

But last June, Todd found out that he would not be returning to his position in the fall. The school district had eliminated his position. Todd and Mary didn’t know what to do. With the extra demands of caring for children with special needs, money had always been tight for the family. They had tried to save with a rainy day fund, but day to day existence had made it difficult.

With Todd out of a job, the family quickly fell behind on bills. Before long they were struggling to pay their mortgage, and utility bills began to stack up. It was even getting difficult to buy enough food. Todd and Mary were distressed about the situation but didn’t have family or friends they could turn to for help.

That’s when they were referred to St. Vincent de Paul. We made them feel welcome and took them in with open arms. We let them know they weren’t alone in their struggles…

“We were always greeted with smiles,” Mary wrote to me in a letter of thanks. “A smile is huge when you foresee eviction and losing your lights and power and you have two special needs children and are disabled yourself.”

“… I feel like we gained a family, through this tough time.”

This is the gift of compassion, help and hope that YOU give to others in dire need when we serve our neighbors in need through St. Vincent de Paul. 

You can read more about Mary and Todd’s story…. just click here. And I hope you will. Then, I pray you’ll be moved to help us this summer…

Your generous assistance will be rushed into action during the summer months to provide critical, life-changing help for the most vulnerable in our community.

Each and every gift will make a difference by easing the hardship of an individual or family in need – and I’m grateful for any and all assistance you provide. Please, will you help?

Thank you again for your extraordinary efforts to comfort our neighbors in need. May God bless you and keep you and your loved ones throughout the summer.


With deep gratitude,

William D. Brazier

Executive Director

Directors Outreach ProgramWilliam Brazier (Executive Director, Society of St. Vincent DePaul )







*names changed to protect family’s privacy