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YOU can help us change lives this summer…



Your support of St. Vincent de Paul’s ministry can help someone who has lost hope like Mary and Todd*…

Mary and Todd were distressed when they received the news that the school district had eliminated Todd’s long time job. The news came without warning. The family had little in the way of savings and they quickly fell behind on bills. Raising two children with special needs and with Mary disabled and unable to work. the family had already been struggling to make ends meet. Desperate, they reached out for help and were refereed to St. Vincent de Paul… That’s where compassionate friends like you made the difference. Through St. Vincent de Paul, you helped Mary and Todd receive assistance with their overdue DTE bill. You also enabled St. Vincent de Paul to provide them with household goods, a gas card, emergency assistance and food to save them from going hungry. “We could not have made it without this help,” Mary wrote in a letter of thanks.

Your support of St. Vincent de Paul makes small, everyday “miracles” like this possible. Without your caring support, Mary and Todd may not have made it out of this dark time, With your support, we can transform many  more lives.

So, please will you help today?


*names changed to protect the family’s privacy