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Your generosity at work in 2017…

Dear Caring Friend,

Thank you for all your support in 2016! You’ve been a great friend to our most vulnerable neighbors through St. Vincent de Paul. Because of you, we’ve been able to help many in our local community who had fallen on hard times this past year.

But as I write today, many are still in need. Will you help us to help them in 2017?

I pray you’ll see the need and respond with love. The cold winter months are upon us and the demand for our programs is high. Many are in need of warm meals, warm coats and a warm and safe place to sleep at night.

These are the gifts your kindness makes possible.

So please will you make a gift today?

Sometimes those in need are people who have worked their entire lives and always believed they’d be helping others… rather than needing it themselves! “It’s what we mean when we say, “there but for the grace of God, go I..”

I’m thinking of someone like Lynette.*

Lynette is 70. She owned three beauty shops during her career and raised two daughters with her husband…

But once the girls had grown up, Lynette’s husband ended the marriage.

The divorce left Lynette reeling, both emotionally and financially. Lynette lost her salons and was left with almost nothing…

She tried to make ends met by working multiple jobs in retail and hardware stores.

But still she struggled… She’s now on a fixed income and any hiccup can be devastating. Just getting through winters, having enough money to keep her heat on is hard.

Lynette was grateful to find a job at a senior center, but when her car broke down she was unable to get to work and lost her job. From there, she started falling behind on utility payments and even stopped taking some much needed prescription medication as a way to cut corners.

But she couldn’t go on that way. And, very frankly, Lynette didn’t know what she was going to do… until parishioners at her church told her about St. Vincent de Paul.

After a home visit to assess the situation, we calmed her down and let her know she as not alone. We helped pay to get her car repaired and drove her around during the time it took to get it fixed.

She was able to get her job back and is grateful and “back on track,” she says.

Because of the generosity of friends like YOU, we are able to be there for Lynette and many others this year – and we’ll be there for others and continue lifting up the least of our sisters and brothers.

This is the gift of YOUR kindness – it’s YOUR mercy in action.

I pray that you’ll make  a gift to support our neighbors in 2017. Please will you?

God bless you for recognizing the need, but also for caring enough to act today!

With all best wishes in 2017,

Deacon Chris Stark

Executive Director