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YOUR Help this Summer is URGENTLY Needed!


Local families like Bethany and her 6-year-old son Lucas and 4-year-old daughter Annie, need your help today. Before they found St. Vincent de Paul, they were past due on their bills, they didn’t have enough to eat and they had received an eviction notice. They had nowhere to turn for help.

This little family in trouble is not an unusual example. In fact, it is the untold story behind homelessness: more than 1 in 4 cases are families with children! This summer, with your help, we’ll assist local families with clothing, food, utilities assistance, furniture, housing, counseling, and other important services to lift them out of despair.

The coupons below and the enclosed return envelopes are being provided to you in prayerful hope that you’ll do all you can through the summer. Please mail back the “June” reply coupon today with your gift and save the “July” and “August” coupons and envelopes to send in later this summer.


God bless you for caring and taking action today!